CSP Projects Past and Present

Year of EnrolmentClinician ScholarProject Title
2021-2023Pamela KryskowSafety Data from C1-5 of RTTKAT Program.
2021-2023Onuora OdohAssessing the Feasibility and Effectiveness of Family Physician-led Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program in Primary Care Setting.
2020-2022Jennifer LeavittScreening for Social Determinants of Health in Pregnancy.
2020-2022Karen GiangWhat are the treatment needs and priorities of young people with substance use disorders during the COVID-19 and opioid overdose pandemics?
2019-2021Timothy TeohWomen’s Experiences in Labour During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Study. Experiences in Pregnancy during Pandemics: Qualitative systematic review and thematic synthesis.
2019-2021Matthew MoherImproving Antiretroviral Adherence and Care Engagement in Criminal Justice Involved People Living with HIV Upon Release from Corrections: Designing an HIV Release Checklist for Implementation at Regional Jail.
2017-2019Jani LarameeAnxiety/PTSD, Moral Distress, Impostor Syndrome and Suicidal Ideation Among Canadian Family Medicine Residents.
2017-2019Rahul GuptaHow and why do physician-led health coaching and mindfulness programs work when integrated into medical care?
2016-2018Ilona HalePrimary Prevention of Obesity in Infants at Routine Well-Baby Visits - A Pilot Study.
2016-2018Nitasha PuriBurden and Correlates of Mental Health and Substance Use Among South Asian Diaspora in the Greater Vancouver Area.
2015-2017Susan NouchCommunity based Hepatitis C treatment; marginalized inner city population.
2015-2017Mei-ling WiedmeyerFamily planning needs; refugee women.
2014-2016Melinda Zeron-MullinsBASIC (Boric acid, Alternative Solution for Intravaginal Colonization) Study.
2014-2016Piotr KlakowiczUnderstanding and addressing engagement of people living in Vancouver's inner-city and of Aboriginal ancestry affected by illicit substance use, HIV and/or Hepatitis C.
2014-2016Adriaan WindtFamily Physician Physical Activity Prescription Study (FPPA-Rx Study).
2013-2015Maria HubinetteSeeing the Forest and the Trees: Toward a Comprehensive Health Advocacy Framework in Medical Education.
2012-2014Lynn FarralesImproving bereavement care for families affected by stillbirth.
2012-2014Anton RabienImproving the physician-patient cardiovascular disease risk dialogue.
2012-2014Launette RiebThe re-emergence of old injury pain during acute opioid withdrawal.
2012-2014Olivia TsengHow does interpersonal continuity impact non-elective hospitalization and preventive care among female breast cancer patients surviving 3 years or more in British Columbia, Canada?
2011-2013Shiroy DadachanjiA randomized single-blinded trial of a unicompartmental unloader brace in the treatment of concurrent knee osteoarthritis and meniscal injury.
2011-2013Rita McCrackenBest measures to assess the quality of urban inpatient hospital care provided by family practice physicians.
2010-2012Patricia GabrielA prospective longitudinal cohort of Government Assisted Refugees in British Columbia: Health care needs, health care utilization and health outcomes.
2010-2012Margaret ManvilleDoes cohorting elderly patients on a Transitional Care Unit in a community hospital improve functional and discharge outcomes?
2010-2012Kara SolmundsonExercise induced bronchoconstriction (EIB) – A barrier to exercise.
2009-2011Vanessa BrcicIdentifying poverty in family practice - Prospective testing of a proposed poverty screening tool for primary care.
2009-2011David JoyceAccuracy of screening for developmental delays in primary care settings.
2009-2011Maureen MayhewAccess to care by refugees after leaving the Bridge Clinic.
2009-2011Wendy NormanBetter contraceptive choices for marginalized women: Immediate vs. delayed insertion of Levonorgestrel-releasing Intrauterine contraception after second trimester abortion.
2008-2010Patricia BeldaImproving HIV care in Prince George, BC.
2008-2010Faye MacKayThe medical office assistant role: Can it modify outcomes in chronic disease care?
2007-2009Scott GarrisonMagnesium status and effect of Magnesium Infusions on nocturnal leg cramps.
2007-2009Vanita LokanathanWhat does it mean to live with diabetes in a rural, remote First Nations community in northern Canada?
2007-2009Sonia SinghFollow-up after low trauma fracture.
2006-2008Richard BeeverDo the new 'far infrared' saunas have measurable health benefits?
2006-2008Karin BlouwDepression in First Nations Elders.
2006-2008Vikki KingProbiotics for treating Bacterial Vaginosis.