Clinician Scholar Program

The UBC Clinician Scholar Program is one of seven across Canada.

The Clinician Scholar Program (CSP) offers part-time positions for family physicians in family practice scholarship. These third-year residency positions are part of the Postgraduate Program of the UBC Faculty of Medicine.

Each cohort begins the program on July 1st of the calendar year.


  • To engage practicing family physicians in conducting scholarly work
  • To contribute to the knowledge base of family practice and primary health care
  • To cultivate scholarship within family medicine
  • To support the development and enhancement of core scholarship skills
  • To foster innovative, interdisciplinary, community-based scholarship

Timeframe and Funding

Applicants are encouraged to plan a two-year timeframe for completion of the program. Approximately $60,000 per successful candidate is available over two years.

Evaluation and Deliverables

Clinician Scholars are required to dedicate 50% of their time to CSP in order to meet the following deliverables:

  1. Participate in the program content commitments (approximately 17 hours a week).
  2. Participate in scheduled one-hour weekly program video conferences. In these meetings, Clinician Scholars will present their work-in-progress for peer mentoring and discussion, and participate in research skill development seminars, peer reviewing, presentations, and monthly Department of Family Practice Research Rounds.
  3. Meet with the Program Director two times per year.
  4. Participate in workshops and retreats: two one-day research skills workshop retreats per year, and the annual Spring Writing Retreat Weekend. It is strongly recommended Clinician Scholars participate in the Spring Writing Retreat weekend prior to the start of the program.
  5. Present scholarly activities at conferences such as the Family Medicine Forum (FMF), the North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG), and the Department of Family Practice Research Rounds.
  6. Submit monthly progress reports, an annual comprehensive progress report and evaluation, and an annual Supervisor Evaluation Form.
  7. Ensure their research mentor submits an annual Clinician Scholar Evaluation Form.
  8. Network and collaborate with other Clinician Scholars and Faculty  Scholars.
  9. Submit a scholarly manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal prior to program completion.

Program Structure

Prior to applying for the program, Clinician Scholars will arrange for one department researcher to act as a research mentor. The CSP Mentorship Agreement will guide the level and type of support the Clinician Scholar receives during the program.

Overall supervision of the program is the responsibility of Dr. Evelyn Cornelissen and Dr. Brian Ng. The CSP Committee oversees the program and is chaired by the CSP Directors. The CSP is supported by the Research Coordinator of the Department of Family Practice.

The CSP  is a component of the Enhanced Skills Residency training of the UBC Faculty of Medicine, Department of Family Practice Postgraduate Training, and is a Category 1 Accredited Program of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC).


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