Research Resources


  • Guidance Note on UBC Family Practice Resident Research and UBC Summer Medical Students Research Projects.
  • UBC Family Practice Residents: For more detailed information, please go to "Resident Scholar Project" in the Postgraduate Education Intranet webpage. This is a password protected site.

Gathering Data

  • Statistics at Square One (9th ed.) by T. D. V. Swinscow. BMJ, 1997.
  • StatsDirect is a statistical program designed for health care professionals. Uses data from an Excel spreadsheet. Amazing tutorial. 10-day free download trial.
  • Statpages provides links to free online statistical tools.
  • Research Randomizer is a tool to assist you in selecting random samples.
  • SPSS, an advanced statistical package available for UBC owned computers.For students, the SPSS GradPack is available at a discounted price.
  • Residents in places where local support isn’t available can contact the Short Term Consulting Service (STCS) provided by UBC's Department of Statistics.
  • The University of Victoria also has a Statistical Consulting Centre that provides services to those working on research problems for a fee.

Service Evaluation

Disseminating Research Findings

  • Scientific Poster Design, presentation by Cornell Center for Materials Research
  • IT Printing Services at UBC specializes in printing professional wide format conference posters for all levels of research and academia. Supplementary services include thesis printing, mounting, laminating, and full graphic design services.