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Dr. Robert Woollard completed two terms as Head of the Department of Family Practice, Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. He has chaired senior committees, councils and task forces for the BCMA CMA and and CFPC in the areas of medical education, environmental health and ethical relations with industry. He is currently CoPI on a large IDRC grant developing a community of practice in ecosystems health and has provided leadership in a number of major initiatives grant-funded through the Science Council of British Columbia, the Tri Council Research Fund, CIHR and a Major Collaborative Research Initiative with SSHRC.  For a diagramic representation of Dr. Woollards’ interest in the Pentagram Partnership  “Building Health Systems Based on People’s Needs” go to:

Complex adaptive systems; ecosystem approaches to health; medical education; social accountability; accreditation; primary care systems; institutional ethics; medical history

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