Clinical Assistant Professor

Rural, surgery; rural health resource allocation; rural maternity care

Associate member, DFP
Professor, Theme Lead Maternal Child Health
UBC School of Population and Public Health

Impact on intimate partner violence on perinatal outcomes; screening and diagnostic tools for fetal/newborn health; impact of home birth and early labour support on perinatal outcomes; gestational-age specific standards for morphmetric measurements at birth

Clinical Assistant Professor

Study of developmental screening in primary care settings; child mental health; developmental disabilities in children


Mobility among vulnerable seniors; hip health

Professor Emeritus

Maternity care; attitudes and beliefs of all maternity care providers; natural childbirth; cesarean section; evidence-based medicine, midwifery; home birth; episiotomy

Assistant Professor
Co-Director, Centre for Rural Health Research

Rural maternity care; rural health service delivery; women/care provider experiences; maternity services; maternal and newborn outcomes


Psychological well being of health care providers; psychological trauma; compassion fatigue/vicarious trauma; doctor/patient relationship; health care provider/patient relationship

Clinical Associate Professor

Physician patterns of practice; the dissemination of and practical use of evidence-based medicine; the processes by which patients make important health decisions