Clinical Assistant Professor
UBC Department of Family Practice Suite 320
950 University Boulevard
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

Dr. Marc White is a clinical assistant professor with the Department of Family Practice. His research activities are focused on primary care renewal, knowledge translation and disability prevention. His doctoral research at UBC was cross-disciplinary (Faculty of Education and Faculty of Medicine) looking at best practices in planning, implementing and evaluating continuing medical education. Dr. White recently completed a three year appointment as Research Fellow in Medicine at Harvard Medical School and the Department of Rheumatology, Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston. Dr. White is the founder and executive director of the Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability (CIRPD) and in this capacity is working with the Department of Family Practice to support family physicians’ roles, responsibilities and information needs in the area of patient advocacy, disability prevention and return-to-work. Information about CIRPD is available at

Primary care renewal; continuum of care; continuing medical education; patient advocacy; community engagement; rheumatoid arthritis; chronic musculoskeletal pain; health communication; disability prevention and return-to-work