Therapeutics Initiative
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Vancouver , BC
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Dr. Ken Bassett directs the Drug Assessment Working Group of the Therapeutics Initiative, in the Department of Anaesthesiology Pharmacology and Therapeutics at UBC. The Working Group determines the effectiveness and safety of prescription drugs licensed in Canada and submits reports to the Pharmaceutical Services Division, the Ministry of Health Department responsible for the Provincial Drug Benefit Plans. The Therapeutics Initiative publishes the Therapeutics Letter, an evidence-based drug therapy newsletter provided to all practicing physicians and pharmacists in British Columbia; topics include pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical treatment of numerous conditions in many medical specialties. At the national level, Dr Bassett serves on the Canadian Expert Drug Advisory Committee, the principal committee of the new Common Drug Review program which is designed to centrally review all newly approved prescription drugs in Canada. Internationally, he is an editor in the Hypertension Review Group of the Cochrane Collaboration.

Supported by the UBC Department of Ophthalmology, Dr. Bassett maintains an international teaching program (health services methods, epidemiology & anthropology) focused the prevention and treatment of blindness in Tibet, Tanzania, Nepal, India and Egypt. He directs the BC Centre for Epidemiologic and International Ophthalmology – UBC, and works closely with eye care program partner Seva Canada and Foundation (USA) to provide formal and informal teaching in research methods, data management, and report production.

Current projects include the CIHR funded Gender and Blindness: testing gender specific community interventions in Upper Egypt, an assessment of community ophthalmology projects in Central India, as well as community ophthalmology projects in Nepal and Tanzania.

International ophthalmic epidemiology; social epidemiology, health services; health systems and policy research; national systematic reviews and systematic review methodology of prescription drugs; co-manager UBC Therapeutics Initiative