Director, Centre for Hip Health and Mobility
Robert H.N. Ho Research Centre 7th Floor
2635 Laurel Street
Vancouver , BC V5Z 1M9
work phone: 6046752585
work fax: 6046752576

Dr. Heather McKay’s research program investigates the role of physical activity and healthy eating to optimize bone health and promote healthy body weight during childhood. Specifically her research program aims to; (i) define a school-based model of physical activity to optimize children’s health (including bone health) and reduce chronic disease risk factors (including obesity), (ii) determine the mechanisms that underpin rapid bone mineral accrual during the pubertal years, iii) evaluate the bone-muscle interface as it relates to the physiology of bone accrual, conservation and loss (iv) evaluate the efficacy of exercise interventions for children. An effective program of physical activity for child health has tremendous public health implications and the finding from her research program has great practical utility (knowledge translation). Dr. McKay was a Principle Investigator for the development and evaluation of Action Schools! BC – a multidisciplinary, multisectoral program of physical activity and healthy eating in elementary schools. In collaboration with other investigators, she also investigates the role of physical activity to promote bone health in older populations.

Child and older adult bone health; the role of physical activity for prevention of chronic disease; medical imaging