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David is working to enhance the integrity and well  being of men for the benefit of families, communities and the globe through The Men’s Initiative(thmensinitiative.com).  It is based on previous work with members of the military, RCMP officers, men with prostate cancer, and young men who experienced trauma and/or challenging relationships with their fathers.  Through listening to the stories of men, it became apparent to David that not only were men experiencing phyiscial, emotional, and spiritual suffering but that they were also a force for family renewal and strengthened communities.

Since its inception, The Men’s Initiative has worked to understand and engage men from different paths of life and to catalyze a global conversation about the state and impact of men in the world.  It carries out this work through three primary levers of change:

  • Service: we serve men by conducting work with individuals and groups to help men connect with their integrity while taking action to become a more generative force for good in their communities.
  • Catalysis: We seek to catalyze a worldwide conversation about how to be a good man and do good work in a modern world.
  • Research: We use rigorous research methods to bring understanding to men’s struggles and create models and methods for men to contribute more fully to a sustainable future for all.  Our main focus is to work with role models who influence a larger conversation about positive masculinity throughout all of society, as well as with men who are vulnerable due to risk factors such as socioeconomic inequity, marginalization, or health status.

The role models serving as areas of focus are:

  • Men who protect us: military, police
  • Men who entertain us: high profile athletes and entertainers
  • Men who lead us: business, academia, politics
  • Men in transition: men who are in times of change and self reflection that present opportunities for new directions, such as men with prostate cancer and men with a history of incarceration.

In this context we are also committed to understanding the role/impact of fathers and father figures on their children, in their families and in their communities.

Research Interests:

Primary: Understanding the role/impact of fathers and father figures on their children, in their families and in their communities; resilience in first responders, i.e. fire fighters and police officers; experience of professional athletes in transition into retirement; psychological impact of living with prostate cancer and its sequelae; what it means to be a ‘good man’ on and off the court/field/ice as an athlete or as a coach.

Secondary: Psychological well being of health care providers; teamwork in health care; health care provider/patient relationships.