Clinical Professor
200-2475 Bayswater Street
Vancouver, BC V6K 4N3

Dr. Colleen Kirkham is a Clinical Professor in the Department of Family Practice at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. She is the Site Faculty for Research for the Saint Paul’s Hospital Family Practice Residency Program and the Curriculum Advisor for Evidence-based Medicine for the Family Practice Residency Program at UBC. Dr. Kirkham has a family practice in Vancouver that has implemented an open source electronic medical record-OSCAR. Dr. Kirkham has three children.

She is the co developer of the Maternity Care Calendar & Guidelines (a clinical tool summarizing the recommended clinical practice guidelines for maternity care givers) and the Pregnancy Planning Guide (a tool providing evidence-based information for women planning a pregnancy) and

Dr. Kirkham has been involved in a project to bring an open source (free) electronic medical record, OSCAR, to British Columbia. She is the co-coordinator of the OSCAR user group.

Dr. Kirkham has organized a National Association of Evidence-based medicine teachers that meet annually at the Family Medicine Forum.