Jude Kornelsen


Jude Kornelsen, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Practice (UBC), co-Director of the Centre for Rural Health Research and an Honorary Professor, Sydney Medical School. For the past 15 years she has worked towards creating, examining and sharing comprehensive evidence to support rural health planning, particularly in the area of rural maternity care, surgical care and transport.  She has a keen interest in evidence-based solutions to increase the stability of local care providers and is currently evaluating the role of Point of Care Ultrasound in this capacity.  Key values that underlie her work include recognizing the centrality of citizen patients in the planning process; working closely with rural key stakeholders, privileging an expansive definition of evidence from individual, key stakeholder and community experience to scientific evidence and approaching research from an integrated perspective with a strong focus on knowledge translation and policy outputs..

Dr. Kornelsen has received over $3,500,000 in tri-council funding with an additional $2,000,000 from regional and provincial organizations and has authored over 65 peer-reviewed, academic papers, additional community reports and policy briefs. She works closely with the BC Ministry of Health, Health Authorities and the Joint Clinical Committees on policy-relevant research and in 2015 was seconded to the BC Ministry of Health as a Special Advisor on Rural Issues.

To learn more about Dr. Kornelsen’s research and projects, please visit:

https://crhr.med.ubc.ca, Facebook, Twitter


Publications:  https://crhr.med.ubc.ca/journal-publications/


Centre for Rural Health Research
320-5950 University Boulevard, Department of Family Practice, UBC
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