Dr. Olivia Tseng completed her Master in Science at SFU in 2007, Family Practice Residency at St. Paul’s Hospital through UBC in 2011 and PhD in the UBC Interdisciplinary Oncology Program in 2017.  Her PhD research focused on bone health and osteoporosis in women diagnosed with breast cancer.  Olivia has served on the GPAC working group, helping create the BC provincial guidelines for genital tract cancers in females.  She is currently practicing part-time in Vancouver and North Vancouver, and serves as a Clinician Scholar Program committee member.  Her research interests include cancer screening, bone health in women diagnosed with breast cancer, chronic disease management and genetics.  In addition to research, Olivia has interests in clinical teaching and administrative work.  In the past, she had served as a resident representative for the BC College of Family Physicians and Society of General Practitioners of BC.

chronic disease management, osteoporosis, cancer screening

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